Services: BriteLites Acting Studio

BriteLites Acting Studio is owned and operated by Mona Lee Fultz. Mona began coaching actors in Austin in 1977 and her studio has been a mainstay of the Austin acting scene for many years.

BriteLites acting classes are widely recommended by talent agencies and casting offices statewide and in Los Angeles. Its coaches are friendly, experienced, working actors.

Centrally located in Austin’s 1950’s style Crestview Shopping Center, BriteLites acting classes offers a cozy, intimate setting for actors and people simply exploring the Dramatic Muse. Students work to further their dreams, make friends within the industry, and have a place to network and share information.

BriteLites acting classes are popular with students from all walks of life. Serious students of acting, corporate employees and politicians wishing to gain confidence in public speaking, housewives, teenagers, senior citizens and college students all enjoy studying the craft of acting in a safe, supportive atmosphere.

In the BriteLites acting classroom, away from the stress of performance demands, actors can take risks and challenge themselves in ways that will enable steady growth to a full command of their craft.

BriteLites acting studio uses a comprehensive approach to coaching actors. The studio offers a wide range of film acting classes from beginning through advanced, as well as classes that focus on specialized skills.

Experienced coaches help actors at a beginning level thoroughly learn their craft and develop their individual talents, as well as coach advanced actors to break through to their next level and reach their full potential.